Terms of use



To use and browse the Jamenu website, you agree to the following terms (Terms of Use). 


Jamenu has the right to update and change the Terms of Use by posting updates and changes to its website, and you are advised to visit the page from time to time to view any update that may affect you. 


You must read and agree to all provisions of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before you can officially use Jamenu. 


Plain language summaries are provided for clarity. Please read the Terms of Use to get the full picture of your legal requirements. Also, by using Jamenu or any of its services you agree to these Terms. 


All terms and conditions set out on this page are not inconsistent with any applicable local or international laws, or applicable laws violating privacy, intellectual property, and common property. You can learn more about this by visiting the "Privacy Policy" page. 



1. Signup Conditions

You must be 18 years of age or older or have reached the age of majority as per the laws and regulations of the country in which you are using the Service. 


You must register with Jamenu to use and benefit from the Service by writing your full name as it appears on the official papers, current address, phone number, valid e-mail, and any required information as indicated and requested on the registration form. 

Jamenu has the right to refuse the request to create any account, and it also has the right to cancel/suspend/delete any account at any time for a reasonable and convincing reason to the work team in accordance with the website terms. 


Jamenu may use your email address or phone number as the primary means of communication. 


The user is responsible for keeping his or her password secure. Jamenu is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by forgetting, failing to maintain the security of the account and password. 


A breach or violation of any provision of the Terms of Use will result in the immediate termination of the user's account, and a claim for compensation in the event of any damage. 



2. Account activation 

2.1 Jamenu Account 

The person benefiting from the Service is the contracting party (the account owner) who is subject to the Terms of Use and is the only person authorized to administer any other account we may provide to him. 


If you are subscribing to the Service on behalf of your employer, your employer is the account holder, and you are authorized by them, and the Terms apply to them. 


2.2 Payment

Payment for services is via, Visa / MasterCard or any other payment method we have on our website.


The user acknowledges that the use of the credit card and/or Visa and/or MasterCard payment services will be entirely his responsibility as the account owner. If he does not wish to keep it active, the responsibility for cancellation also lies with him. As Visa and/or MasterCard credit cards are third-party services, it is solely his responsibility to deactivate the service as the service is provided by a third party. 


By using Visa / MasterCard payment to pay for our services on the website, the user agrees to be bound by the terms of use of these third-party companies.


3.2 Bank Transfer Service 

Jamenu has the right to activate the bank transfer service upon subscribing to the service and at the request of the account holder, using his information. 


The user is fully responsible for managing the bank transfer services as the account owner and is obligated to maintain the correct bank account information for his account. 

The account holder is responsible for activating or deactivating the account. Jamenu shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the account holder's failure to maintain or manage wire transfer payments and statements. 

The account holder is deemed to agree to the bank's terms and conditions once the bank transfer service has used his account. 

Jamenu is not responsible for any violation of the Bank's terms and conditions. If the account holder does not agree to the terms and conditions of the bank, he must disable the bank transfer services, and not continue to use them. 


Jamenu has the right to immediately cancel any account at any time when it is confirmed that the account holder has used a bank card that is not owned by him or has defrauded the bank cardholder. 



3. General provisions 

You must read, agree to and accept all terms and conditions in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before becoming a Jamenu member. 


Assistance is provided to all Jamenu users and is only available via the website/email. 


The Account Holder acknowledges and agrees that Jamenu may modify these Terms of Use at any time by posting other modified Terms on the Jamenu website. 

Modifications to the Terms of Service are effective as of the date of publication. The account holder's use of the website after the modification that is made and which is published on the Jamenu website is considered acceptance of and acceptance of the modified terms of use. 


The account holder must stop using the service if he does not agree to any changes to the terms of use. 


The Account Holder may not use the Jamenu Service for any illegal or statutory purpose, or any unauthorized purpose. He shall not use the Service in any manner that violates any law or regulation, especially copyright laws, and intellectual property rights, and Jamenu shall have the right to close/disable/delete any account that violates any of the foregoing. 


User agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, exploit, use or access any portion of the Service without the express written permission of Jamenu. 



4. Jamenu rights 

Jamenu has the right to modify or terminate the Service for any reason, without notice at any time. 


Jamenu reserves the right to refuse to activate the Service to any person for any reason at any time. 


Jamenu may provide its services to any party. 


In the event of a dispute regarding Account ownership, Jamenu may request documentation to verify or confirm account ownership. Documentation may include, but is not limited to, an electronic (scanned) copy of the user's business license, a copy of the national identity card, the last four digits of the credit card on file, and so on. 


Jamenu shall have the right to decide in its sole discretion, or with legal advice to whom the account is owned, and may decide to transfer the account to the rightful owner. In the event that Jamenu is unable to reasonably and logically determine the legitimate account holder, it may temporarily disable the account until the disputing parties are resolved by a court ruling or a binding agreement decision made in the presence of legal counsel. 




5. Limitation of Liability 

The User agrees and understands that Jamenu shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or consequential damages, including but not limited to damages arising from the use of or inability to use the Service. 


The account holder is entirely responsible for the use. THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR statutory warranty or conditions. 


Jamenu does not guarantee its services to expectations that are beyond its ability or due to emergency or force majeure conditions that no defect or error will occur, and Jamenu is committed to taking all necessary and reasonable steps to remedy the situation. 


Jamenu shall not be liable for any disclaimer, forgery, or fraud made by any Buyer (User), and shall not be liable for sending, compensating, or returning either service or money, the responsibility is entirely on the Buyer (User). 



6. Waiver and full agreement 

The failure of Jamenu to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver of such right, and your use of the Service is subject to the Terms of Use (the entire agreement between Jamenu and the user) and supersedes any prior agreements between you and Jamenu (including prior versions of the Terms of Use at (without limitation, oral agreements, or initial communications). 




7. Intellectual property 

Jamenu has the right to claim intellectual property rights over its content that may be used by anyone who does not fall under the name Jamenu, and all the content available on our website is our exclusive property and the site visitor is not entitled to use our website content in any way, whether personal or commercial without obtaining approval Official from JAMENU, and does not mean a waiver of Jamenu's terms and policies or no liability for a breach. 


In the event that the designs were used without permission, we have the right to take the necessary legal measures and file a claim for financial compensation, etc... 


8. Payment 

Services on our website are not free. The user pays the value of each service separately according to its price. To purchase any service, the user must write valid credit card information in the registration file to pay all financial obligations for purchasing a service on our website. 



9. Cancellation and Termination 

The user can cancel his subscription at any time through the subscription management page on his account or by contacting the support team via e-mail. 

When either party cancels the Services for any reason: 

1- Jamenu will stop providing the User with the Services, and he will no longer be able to access his account. 

2- The user does not have the right to a refund of any fees unless stated otherwise in the terms of use. 

3- Jamenu reserves the full right to modify or terminate the Services or the user's account for any reason at any time and without notice. 


10. Third-Party Services 

In addition to these Terms, the User agrees to be bound by the additional Terms of Use that apply to the Services that you purchase or that are provided by Jamenu Partners or other third parties. 


Jamenu may from time to time encourage or provide the User with products, services, or links to websites (or “Third Party Services”) via the Website/email or by sending directly via telephone or any other method. 

These Third-Party Services are provided solely for the convenience of the Customer, and the purchase, access, or use of any Third-Party Services is solely between the Customer and the official Third-Party Service Provider (“Third Party Provider”). 

Any use of third-party services provided through the Jamenu Services or Website is the user's responsibility, and he is also responsible for reading the terms and conditions and privacy policies applicable to the third-party services before using them. 


Jamenu makes no warranties concerning third-party services. The User acknowledges that Jamenu has no authority over the Third-Party Services, and is not responsible for any person in connection with such Third-Party Services. 

The provision of Third-Party Services on the Jamenu Site and integration or activation of the Services and linkage with Third Party Services do not constitute or imply endorsement, license, sponsorship, or affiliation of Jamenu with the third-party service provider. 

Jamenu stresses that the user should seek professional advice before using or relying on third-party services to ensure that his or her needs are met. 


Under no circumstances shall Jamenu be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, exceptional, or any other damages whatsoever arising from any third-party services or your contractual relationship with any third-party provider. 

These limitations apply even if Jamenu has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The foregoing limitations apply to the fullest extent permitted by law and applicable law. 


11. Transfer of rights and obligations: 


You grant our site the right to transfer part or all of its rights, benefits, obligations, and responsibilities to other parties it works with, without having to refer to you, according to the terms and conditions agreement, and our website is obligated to notify you of such transfers if they occur as well as by publishing on the site. 


12. General information: 


If any clause in this Terms and Conditions Agreement is invalid, voided, or for any reason no longer in force, such clause shall not invalidate the remaining clauses of the Agreement. This Agreement (which is amended from time to time according to its terms) sets out all the broad lines of understanding and agreement between you and Jamenu, taking into account the following: 


No person who is not a party to this Agreement has the right to impose any terms or conditions therein. 


If the Terms and Conditions Agreement is translated into any other language, whether on the site or in other ways, the English text of it shall prevail. 



13. Governing Law and Legislation: 

This terms and conditions agreement is governed and formulated according to local laws and is completely subject to the legislation in force in the courts, this paragraph is an alternative to be resorted to if this terms and conditions agreement expires or is canceled for any reason.